The Big Electronic Problem

The white rabbit beckoned, and Alice followed him down the dark rabbit hole. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s universally beloved story, certainly hit on a common theme. Bored with life, Alice allowed her mind to take control, and as a result she ended up in a strange and scary place. Escapist fantasy, opium-fueled hallucination, a bit of harmless fun? Or were there real world consequences to the choices Alice made?

It may be a “downer” to say this, but the desire to escape our hellish or mundane existence sometimes drives us to make poor choices, like Alice did, and dive down our own rabbit holes.

The allusions to drug escapism are apparent in Carroll’s story—disappearing down the rabbit hole into Wonderland clearly alludes to a drug trip. The most insidious rabbit hole of today is the Internet, and the myriad electronic devices that take us there are the rabbit holes—modern syringes of escapism.

And, yes, it is entirely appropriate to call the Internet a drug and our surrender to it Internet Addiction—complete with withdrawal symptoms when we can’t get on-line.

It is the means by which far too many of us tune out of our existence—our relationships, the people around us; we even become distant from ourselves, like disembodied souls hovering in a digital wilderness. One may protest: “But I socialize, and relate to lots of people on-line!” As if the unidimensional personages hiding behind screen-names and made up profiles are real people, and posting comments on timeliness or tweeting 280-characters at a time is relating!

No, it’s a fantasy world of our own making, the digitalized pixels on our screens as insubstantial as the smoke from a hookah. Yet we take complete shelter in this alternate reality and tune out of our real lives. We inject the electronic syringe.

With each lost hour, our minds become harder to control and focus on the things that matter. We isolate, alienate and grow increasingly depressed.

The antidote? Real relationships. With real living breathing entities.

Video: Soothing video from Science of Identity Foundation to experience deep inner peace.

I have chosen a spiritual journey in my life. Many of you have too. And the electronic syringe is our greatest peril on this path. I fear it will slowly, doggedly, relentlessly suck the vital force out of we who are spiritual beings, burning with the innate desire and potential to connect, to truly connect! Not as impersonal bits of data mindlessly flitting on a broadband connection, but with our true selves, with other spirit souls, and with God Himself.

To thine own self be true, wrote a well-known bard. Finding oneself will not be accomplished via the electronic syringe, just as it won’t via opium or alcohol or whatever enticements this world offers in its unceasing efforts to drag us down the rabbit hole into ignorance.

If you desire freedom, light, peace, freedom, understanding and connection, I urge you to limit your usage of this very potent drug—the Internet—to only what is necessary and uplifting. Like most things in this world, it can be utilized for good, or not so good. There are enlightening websites and You Tube channels that foster actual enlightenment, that contain transcendental knowledge, and transcendental sounds. Bookmark those sites. These are rabbit holes from which one emerges uplifted, with greater clarity.

Listen to your heart, not the latest nonsense put out by the latest Top 40 band. For those who seek it, wisdom & peace are attainable. Let your inner voice be your guide. Pray. May lasting happiness be yours.

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